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Travel to the North,Central,South,NorthEast or our Neighbours Country

Back to Nature!


Happy Holidays in Northern Thailand!

Architectural statues, Bangkok

Travel to the North - ChiangMai 3 Nights 4 Days
- ChiangRai 2 Nights 3 Days
- MaeHongSon 2 Nights 3 Days
Central of Thailand - Bangkok 2 Nights 3 Days
- Ayutthaya One Day
- KanchanaBuree one night 2 Days
Southern Thailand - Phuket 3-7 Days
- SaMui 3-7 Days
- PhangNga One Day
North East of Thailand
- Korat,KhaoYai 3 Days

As you require....

Flying Geese


Part of income will help the poor children.
The Unique Programes for guests :
a) Meditation for Self Healing :up from two days to one week....Accomodation at Hotel&Resort.
b) Thai Cooking Course for Beginners,Intermidiat or Advanced
c) Fruit Carving or Vegetable Carving for Haft Day
d) Candle Store for Haft or One day
c) Trekking for 1-3 Days as you require...
d) Wood-Cut 1-2 Days
e) Batik 1-2 Days
f) Pyramid Theraphy 1-7 Days
g) Any Courses as you require...

Contact 'Chusri' E-mail :
Tel&Fax : 66 53 215100
Mobile 01-7164739

We can provide short trip to visit Burma,Cambodia,Laos,Vietnam,China as you require...

We were born to persue perfection!

We make the Different!

Please let as know and we can make your dream come true!